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Send large files and folders by Email for free

Our completely cost-free service Zeta Uploader is the easy-to-use tool for uploading files and automatically notify one or multiple e-mail receivers with a simple download link.

With the help of Zeta Uploader you will be able to send files or folders to an online storage and share them with your friends. You can send big files of any type, including photos and images.

Start uploading a File for free now!

Read on to see how easy it is to send large files for free online. If you sent big files as e-mail attachments in the past you will be more than happy with our services. We take away the pain from you of attaching, uploading, archiving and notifying when dealing with large, big, huge files that need to be transmitted to one or multiple receivers via email.

So instead of sending large file attachments by e-mail, use our free tool to transfer them online.


Since we belive that our free upload service fits perfectly in it's own niche, you still may be interested in other alternative services. These services include 4shared, YouSendIt, Megaupload, MediaFire, CuteSendIt, MailBigFile, MongoFiles, SendSpace, Tonsho, TransferBigFiles or WeTransfer, just to name a few.

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