"How long is my uploaded File downloadable?"

Answer: Your file is downloadable for a maximum of 30 days. If you are a Business user, longer intervals are configurable. After that time span, the file will be automatically deleted from the server and is not downloadable anymore.

If you do have a (free) account for Zeta Uploader, you can log in and specify for each uploaded file the maximum downloadable time span individually and e.g. specify a shorter time span than the default value of 30 days.

"Are my uploaded Files protected from unauthorized Access?"

Answer: If you upload your files with the standard upload method, everyone that knows the download URL can also access the file.

Since the URL is a randomly generated number, "guessing" the correct download URL is rather difficult/impossible. Therefore if you give the download URL for a file to selected persons only, it is very likely that only those persons download the file.

In addition, you can optionally specify a password to protect an uploaded file from unauthorized access. Before downloading such a protected file, the password must be entered correctly to actually download.

"What is the maximum uploadable File Size?"

Answer: You can upload files with a maximum size of 500 MB. If you are a Business user, higher volumes are possible.

Please notice that uploading a large file may take a considerable amount of time.

"What are the Costs for using Zeta Uploader?"

Answer: Zeta Uploader is free-of-charge for non-commercial use. Both the Windows client as well as the web clients are applications free of charge.

For commercial use, please purchase a license

Do you want to run Zeta Uploader in your own intranet or on your own website by yourself? Then please contact us by e-mail for prices and conditions!